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     State Grange of Minnesota Documents

          SGMN Collections Policy

            Learn more about how the SGMN maintains its historic collection of artifacts and historical documents

     SGMN Grange Fair Contest Information

          SGMN Grange Fair Contest Info

            Document includes information on rules, regulations, groups, and divisions/classes

          SGMN Grange Fair Registration Form

            Registration form for all divisions/classes

    SGMN & National Grange Community Service Information

          National Grange Community Service Scrapbook Program

            Provides information on the national program criteria as well as important Do's and Don'ts

          SGMN's 2017 Community Service Programs

            Potential community service projects for Minnesota Grangers

          National Grange Community Service Report Form

            Form sent to National Grange following SGMN Community Service Winners are announced

          National Grange Dictionary Program

            Find more information on the Dictionary Program - a community service project supported by the National Grange

          National Grange Foundation Deaf Awareness Grant Program

            Find information on the National Grange Foundation's Deaf Awareness Grant Program

    SGMN & National Grange Lecturer's Programs

          National Grange Lecturer's Program in a Box

            Information on the new National Grange Lecturers competition

          National Grange Patriot's Program

            Find information on potential Lecturer's Programs related to World War Two and the Korean War

    SGMN & National Grange Awards & Scholarship Programs

          National Grange's Distinguished Grange Award

            Find information on how to apply for the National Distinguished Grange Award

          National Youth Ambassadors

            Take part in a great leadership program and earn an all-expense paid trip to the National Convention

          National Distinguished Youth Award

            Presented at National Session and honors outstanding Grange Youth

          John Trimble Legislative Experience Award

            Win a trip to National Session and experience the grass roots legislative policy development effort that takes place

          Grange Jeopardy

            Have fun playing Grange Jeopardy at this regional contest and perhaps you will even win a cash prize!