Welcomes You

Clear Lake Grange is  Minnesota's premiere community service Grange. Organized in Glen Township, October 1936. Today Clear Lake Grange meets in Aitkin.

In 2013 and 2016 Clear Lake Grange was honored by the National Grange when awarded Third and Second Place respectively for their extensive community service work. Competing against 2,100 local Granges across the country, the recognition Clear Lake Grange has received on a national level continues to show our 150 year commitment to activism and community service. The State Grange of Minnesota is proud to recognize the members of Clear Lake Grange as exemplary Grangers.

Clear Lake Grange community service projects include supporting veterans, partnering with local organizations to champion women's rights, as well as feeding and clothing underprivileged Minnesotans. All of this important work has made Aitkin a better and more vibrant place to live.

Aitkin, Minnesota
Minnesota Grange Number, 692
Want to Grange with the Best? We can't wait to welcome
you to the Grange.
The Grange has made not only my community a better place to live, but myself a better person.
-Roxy Appel-Wigton, Clear Lake Grange

     In our chain of golden friendship day by day

Let us weld our link of happiness and say,


     There's a Grange and hall nearby awaiting you, Where your family can enjoy their lives anew. 


     When you're weary and discouraged, cease your toil,


     Meet your Brother, Sister Grangers of the soil,' And we'll get together, sand and do and sing, Know the happiness that Grange alone can bring.


     We can boast of our good Grangers in our state, And we'll say 'Hello' to Grangers, ne'er 'Goodbye' When we weld our link of friendship, you and I.

-C.L. Standfield, Clear Lake Granger, 1940